Why Your Business Needs A Website

Why you need a website blog cover

One of the top questions that we hear at Sync LV is "Why does my company need a website?".  It is 2019, and everything is online. I can literally purchase anything from a pear to a real estate online. Consumers like myself or your potential customer realized they could find what they need by browsing the web. A buyer wants/needs appear to them faster than doing such as browsing through out-of-date tactics like flipping through a phone book.  Honestly, what exactly is a phonebook? Considering in  2011, 70 percent of all Americans rarely or never used printed phone directories. Additionally, in 2019, the number of consumers that go online to find a local business is 97 percent. So, here are the top five reasons why you need a website.


Tell Your Story

Are you interested in telling the story of your small business? With website basics like an About Us page, and other related content you can express this information, in your own words. Giving you the chance to explain what your business is, and what is important. Your website is also a place where consumers go to get an answer to common questions. Since a website it a vital tool for your brand.  Consumers also see how pleasurable your business through the creative experience you display through your website. Such as colors scheme, content, and of course pictures.


Go Where The People Are

97 percent of people, which in my opinion is a rather large percentage of people, are going online to find local businesses. Also, 93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine. With 3.5 billion searches on Google per day. That is why companies spend so much on SEO.  This means that at this very moment, there is someone in your area searching for your exact services. If you would like these individuals to even know about, and/or choose your company, it is essential for you to be found online. This means that you need a website. It is where society is searching for your products and services.


Provides Practicality

Do you want to offer functions such as getting consumers to make online orders, schedule an appointment, or read more information on a product or service?  Well, you guessed it. You would need a website. Your website tells a story, provides different functions, additional information, and is where consumers are looking for businesses like yours. Potential customers usually have questions that they want to be answered before they call you for an appointment or services.  Your website will hold this function, to answer those typical questions. It is also your digital storefront. Providing services at a click of a button.
You are now available to provide answers, schedule appointments, and connect with your consumers 24/7 365 days in the year. Your business, through its online presence, is available all the time. Catching those that are browsing online at any time of the day. Hopefully, finding your business helps with their insomnia. Also, this helps your marketing efforts. Since you are not limited by the times you are awake or open for business.


An Online Presence Speak Volumes

What does not having a website in this time and age says about your business-A Lot! Potential customers are browsing the internet to find out about your businesses, or businesses like yours. Not having a website loses you credibility. Since these induvial are also looking to read more information on what your business offers or to contact you directly about information, products, or services.  So, you would need a website to meet them where they are searching for this information. If you are not online they will have to jump through hoops to find this information. When their hopes and dream could be located one click away. It’s is also an easy way to update your existing customers on what’s new with your business. Also, you are engaged in social media your followers might need more information. Catch them up with your impressive website.


Build Business Value and Credibility

Having an online presence is essential. Having a credible online presence such as a website is even more essential. A website ads value, and credibility to your business and its services.  A good website increases your business value in everyone’s eyes, especially your customers. Websites add legitimacy. With plenty of evidence to support that consumers are becoming increasingly less likely to seek out a brand’s website before doing business. Websites eliminate some, if not all of the barriers a potential new consumer may have when choosing your Business.

In conclusion, you need a website.