Organic Vs. Paid, What is What?

Organic & Paid searches return website results in ranking order from search engines like Google and Bing. Search results for paid and organic align in the same list and both are independent. And just to be clear, a Paid Search "should" not have any direct impact on organic search. For example, the paid search results are positioned on the top and bottom of the results page and the organic gets all the middle space positions.


Paid search campaigns are good for quick website traffic, but they do not last forever and can get expensive if you are a novice. On the other hand, Organic search is a natural phenomenon in the cyber world and is long lasting. The catch 22 appears when some paid search results have an indirect effect on organic search. Traffic is generated by these two results in an algorithm that is maintained 24/7. 

 You can’t overlook the organic search tactics even when you are just focusing on paid traffic. The secret is to:

- Optimizing your keywords for web and voice searches (Alexa, Google Home)   
- Release weekly original content 
- Easy to navigate website
- “Index-able Code” for search engine bots
- Credible backlinks to your website


Remember: Optimizing the performance of your website ranking is a recurring duty. A drawback of paid searches is that they can be REPLICATED by spy tools. Organic search is natural and cannot be replicated.

As an entrepreneur, you need to use searches to convert all website visits into revenue. Scaling your business through your website is a must, If you are ranking page 2 or beyond I'm sorry to say but it's not happening, Homie!

Here at Sync LV for organic tactics, we recommend  Seach Engine Optimization (SEO) and for Paid, Search Engine Marketing Campaigns.  
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