Hire a Marketing Agency or Keep Things In-House?


Digital marketing has bloomed extensively over the past couple of years, and a number of businesses are considering experimenting with the wonders of digital marketing.  There comes a time when you as a business owner must consider outsourcing, or hiring an in-house marketing manager.
In other terms, resorting to the wonders of digital marketing allows one to broaden their horizons. Today many businesses choose to outsource their services in order to meet a handful of business objectives. Working and collaboration with a full-service or specialized digital marketing agency enable a business to escalate to higher levels, make abundant sales, and create a broader base of customers within the shortest span of time. Let’s break down the reasons why you should hire a digital marketing agency for your business:


Digital marketing agencies are dedicated to keeping the name of your business relevant in your industry. At this point, it is important to understand that you should have all the resources and backups before you consider launching any campaign. You are expected to be familiar with your industry as well as you should be familiar with your competitors in the market. Digital marketing agencies focus on updated and modern industry-relevant marketing practices in the agency. A digital marketer is assigned with the responsibility to research your market, and they also provide you with research on competitors—which would allow you to move further with your marketing campaign. In addition, a digital marketing agency is vastly familiar with the trends and developments in your industry, which can help you, garner quantifiable outcomes. Do you have the time to learn new tactics?



Outsourcing to an agency allows a business to expand its reach without spending an exorbitant amount on outrageous advertising expenses. A digital marketing agency would optimize your web content, target it to the rightful audience, and it would utilize your social media channels to promote your business to a suitable target audience. You will be surprised by how working with a digital marketing agency can cut your advertising costs by a mile. If you decided to hire in-house don’t forget to budget in a salary on top of a marketing budget.



One of the top advantages a digital marketing agency is that it is categorized as a scalable service. Under normal circumstances, you would be required to improve the size of your team along with the growth of your business, which would require your business to rely on additional resources to accelerate the growth of your niche. While working with a digital marketing agency, you wouldn’t have to worry about expanding your team, and you can resort to outsourcing marketing tactics to add vitality to your business’ growth rate.  Keeping the scalability of digital marketing in mind—you can either resort to hiring their services and it would garner effective outcomes.
Finally, let's see what it really cost to hire someone in-house. We are using Las Vegas salary data which pleases keep in mind is on the lower end on of the national averages. No benefits are considered. 


Marketing Assistant/Coordinator: $39k 

Social Media Coordinator: $35k 

Marketing Manager: $67K

In reality, you as a business owner will need to decide how to handle marketing and your time. Whether you choose an agency like Sync or decide to hire in house, make sure they pose the expertise needed to grow your business.